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Ano Natsu no Long Slow Distance, Ch. 2

artist:  Haru, Rin, Nagisa, Momo, Nitori
album:  Free! ES vol. 2 DVD
plays:  12348


So the “Samezuka Channel” CD that comes with each DVD includes a cute drama track (that is serial, so each track is pieces of a bigger story), and this time, we had all of the Iwatobi gang working part-time jobs (Nagisa and Haru at a McDonalds rip-off, Rei and Makoto ala their endcard working as deliverymen, and Gou earning money working as an MC at an Iwatobi-chan event) to earn money for their training camp, with Rin, Nitori, and Momo coming across them on the job. I clipped the Nagisa-Haru portion of the track because the Haru-Rin interaction here is priceless XD

Nitori: Aah, wait, Momo-kun!
Momo: What’re you doing? Rin-sempai, Nitori-sempai! Hurry, hurry!
Nitori: I can’t keep up with him…
Rin: No choice, let’s just get something to eat.
Nagisa: Welcome!
Rin: Wait, NAGISA?!
Haru: …Welcome.
Rin: HARU?! What’re you two doing here?
Nagisa: I could ask you the same thing, Rin-chan! You’ve got Ai-chan and Momo-chan with you.
Nitori: H-hello…
Rin: We came to get new suits for next week’s training camp.
Nagisa: Oooh, I see! We’re earning funds to pay for our camp! Right, Haru-chan??
Rin: Hmmm……..
Haru: Wh-what?
Rin: That uniform looks so lame on you!
Haru: Shut up! Just hurry up and order already.
Rin: What’s this? Commanding me? Is that how you’re to address a paying customer?
Haru: …Would you like fries with that?
Rin: I haven’t even ordered anything yet!
Haru: I need an order with no pickles, please.
Momo: I’ll take an extra-large helping of a Lucky Set!
Nitori: Momo-kun! Hamburger shops don’t offer “helpings”!
Nagisa: I’ll take Ai-chan and Momo-chan’s orders!
Haru: And I’ll take Rin’s. Hurry up and order something.
Rin: I’ve decided! Maybe I’ll just have one of those~
Haru: “One of those”…?
Rin: YUP. A smile. TEN of them. What’s the matter? No smiles in stock? Snap it up! I’d like the BEST smile you have!
Haru: Smiles are…out of stock.
Manager: Hey, what’s going on out there, newbie?
Nagisa: Uwah! Haru-chan got dragged back into the kitchen by the manager!
Rin: Heheh! I win!
Nitori: Aah~ As expected of Rin-sempai!
Rin: But for Haru to go out of his way to do a job like this…I guess that means Makoto and Rei are doing something too?
Nagisa: Yup! Mako-chan and Rei-chan have different jobs from us, though.

デュラララ!!×2 - PV

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-"...A Good night kiss huh?... What a liar... you are."

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Announcement: Dates have been decided!


We’re making it official now: RinHaru Week will take place from Nov. 20th to Nov. 27th!

Hopefully this information will help you see whether or not you can join in the event, and we’ll change the sidebar and F.A.Qs to reflect the start and end dates accordingly.

Looking forward to it!

— RinHaru Week Staff


  1. The event blog is undergoing construction
  2. Rinharu is the umbrella ship name for Haru and Rin’s relationship.
  3. We will release the prompt list well ahead of the start date so that you will have plenty of time to create something ^-^
rinharu + ost part 2

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Shoujo love triangles



Release: Itsuka Kuru Sayonara no Tame Ni [First Half]/いつかくるさよならのために〈前編>

Pairing: HaruRin

Author/Circle: Kuroka/croceca (pixiv id:372304)

Rating: R18

Hey everyone! Long time no see! ヽ(^Д^)ノ [95% sure it’s my fault, but I digress…]

We have a new release for you today, and it’s croceca once again! This one is a bit of a tear-jerker, and doesn’t have that happy of an ending. We do have the second half, and plan to release it sometime in the future.

This scanlation is done for absolutely no profit, and we would like everyone to refrain from reposting, reprinting, or republishing this work. ヘ(>_<ヘ)

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